Expansion of NYC Specialty Center Offers a Clear Path to Wellness for Those Affected by Balance Issues

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), dizziness is the primary complaint of those who are 70 years and older and it’s the number three complaint in all age groups, only receded by backache and headache. As a result of a recent expansion within NYHD | Institute for Hearing & Balance, a specialty center in New York City, patients, and their physicians now have access to a unique resource that will aid in the diagnosis of balance disorders and guide them on the path to wellness.

Balance Disorders

Due to numerous potential factors contributing to balance disorders (including viruses, neurological disorders, inner ear issues, head trauma/ concussion, and visual abnormalities), diagnosis can often take some time. In fact, according to the non-profit patient support organization VEDA (Vestibular Disorders Association), those with dizziness have been found to consult with 4-5 doctors before receiving a proper diagnosis.

Our goal at NYHD is to work with our healthcare colleagues to reduce the diagnostic timeline so patients can get back to living a healthy, productive life,’ said Craig Kasper, Au.D., Managing Director of NYHD and Vestibular Audiologist.

Rotational Chair Testing

Although the practice has been conducting comprehensive hearing and balance assessments since its launch in 2008, the recent addition of rotational chair testing technology adds to the strength of NYHD’s ability to properly target causes of a patient’s dizziness. NYHD is one of a select few centers across the country, and the only private center in New York City, to incorporate the use of rotary chair testing.

NYHD has constructed a comprehensive balance assessment consisting of tests for hearing, inner ear function, hearing/ balance nerve function, balance state, and vertigo. NYHD’s clinicians are also focused on fall prevention education as well as balance optimization. “Our center offers a unique blend of personalized, empathetic care in a comfortable environment, which is critical when patients are feeling the effects of dizziness,” says Dr. Kasper.

Path to Wellness

He continues, ‘We focus on the varied needs of someone who presents with balance disorders. As a result, our multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and management allows our Doctors of Audiology to work collaboratively with each patient’s physician and a network of vestibular physical therapists to ultimately lead patients on a targeted path to wellness.’