NYHD Share The Care Program

The NYHD | Share the Care program is a call to action, an dan opportunity for our patients to encourage their friends and loved ones to take the first step in their own hearing and healthcare journey. Ask your Audiologist how you can get involved!

About NYHD

Founded in 2008, NYHD has become a trusted partner for patients and other healthcare providers in NYC and around the globe. Our clinicians have earned their academic credentials from some of the most respected doctoral programs in the field of Audiology.

NYHD offers the most comprehensive services for patients seeking care for hearing disorders, balance dysfunction & tinnitus in the NYC region.

Talk To A Loved One

Discussing hearing loss with loved ones can be tricky, which is why we’ve launched the Share the Care initiative at NYHD. Typically, hearing problems develop gradually over months or years, making communication harder and causing frustration for both parties. It’s nobody’s fault, so approach the conversation with sensitivity, patience, and empathy.

Remember, hearing loss affects more than just ears – it impacts overall quality of life, including communication, social interactions, and mental health. Neglecting hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline, stress, depression, and isolation. Regular check-ups are essential for early detection and effective management. Our Doctors of Audiology have put together some suggestions to help you make the subject of hearing loss easier to talk about.

Starting the Conversation

Begin by expressing your concern for their well-being: “I care about you and your health, and I’ve noticed something that I want to talk about.”

During the Conversation

Provide concrete examples of situations where you’ve noticed hearing difficulties. Discuss how their hearing loss seems to be affecting their daily life and interactions: “I’ve noticed you’re withdrawing from social activities, which isn’t like you.”

Addressing Concerns

Recognize and validate any emotions they express, such as frustration, denial, or fear. Address common misconceptions about hearing loss: “Hearing loss can happen at any age, and addressing it early can make a big difference.”

Encouraging Action

Encourage them to schedule a complete audiological evaluation at NYHD.

Conversation Starters

When we’re in a group, it seems like you have a hard time following the conversation. Have you noticed that too?

I read that untreated hearing loss can lead to other issues, but getting help early can really make a difference. What do you think about scheduling an appointment?

Contact Us

We invite you to schedule a consultation with our audiologist who can perform a quick and easy assessment of your or your loved one’s hearing and recommend your next treatment options. To schedule a consultation, call our New York City office (212-774-1971) or fill out our online form. Our helpful staff can help you find the appointment that works best for you.