Sometimes, hearing loss is temporary and can be fixed with a quick office visit. For different reasons, earwax can become impacted inside the ear canal and block the eardrum. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of hearing loss but don’t think it’s appropriate for your lifestyle or age, we can check to see if earwax might be causing it.

At NYHD, we understand that each patient comes to us with different possible causes, so we can take a complete look at the possible factors. If earwax is causing your hearing problems, we can perform extraction and make sure you know what steps to take going forward.

What is Earwax?

Earwax plays a very important part in protecting and preserving your ear canal’s functions. It’s a waxy substance that can be thin or thick, depending on its location and buildup. Inside the ear canal, it’s secreted to protect the delicate and thin skin that lines the passageways, preventing bacteria and debris from entering and causing infections. Even when you attempt to regularly clean it out from the outer part of your ear, it can become built up in the canal and become stuck. This usually happens because of Q-tips or cotton swabs, which can actually push the earwax further in. Earwax can also build up in the ear canals if you wear hearing aids or in-ear headphones. If this happens, you’ll have to have it professionally cleaned out.

Why is Earwax Removal Important?

Built-up earwax can contribute to temporary hearing loss because it can block the pathway to the eardrum. Additionally, it can cause pressure, pain, and tinnitus if it’s not treated and continues to build. It’s also important to assess your earwax buildup because it can be indicative of certain health problems like autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, and infections. Some people are more prone to earwax buildup because of their anatomy. In this case, our Doctors of Audiology may recommend you see us regularly for cleaning.

What Are The Best Ways To Remove Earwax?

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a normal part of how the ear works. In fact, earwax plays a very important role in protecting your ear canal and keeping it clean. But many people experience…

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