Tinnitus is one of the most common health conditions – it affects millions of people in the United States each year. Unfortunately, tinnitus has no cure. There are, however, more options available than ever to manage it with the help of your Doctor of Audiology.

At NYHD, we have historically offered the latest technologies to help manage tinnitus so you can get relief. Tinnitus can drastically disrupt your daily activities and put strain on your mental health. For many patients, tinnitus can make them lose sleep and avoid social situations, putting them at greater risk of serious health concerns. Our Doctors of Audiology have carefully vetted the best treatments for tinnitus with our almost three decades of experience. We’re excited to be one of a select group of tinnitus-specific practitioners to offer Lenire by Neuromod and help you get relief from chronic tinnitus.

What is Lenire?

Lenire is an FDA-approved, non-surgical, non-invasive medical device proven to reduce the severity of symptoms of tinnitus like buzzing or ringing. It works by administering gentle pulses to the tongue and soothing sounds played through headphones to prompt “rewiring” in the brain and change nerve activity. This process is called bimodal neuromodulation. Ultimately, it can help the brain positively adapt to tinnitus, change your awareness of it, and bring symptoms to a level where you don’t notice them.

Lenire is a combination therapy prescribed by your Doctor of Audiology that you use in the comfort of your home while also returning for regular appointments to check your progress. In a large-scale clinical trial involving over 500 patients, as many as 83% of patients recommended Lenire for the treatment of tinnitus.

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How Does Lenire Work?

Lenire comes in three pieces: a lightweight handheld controller, a tongue tip with tiny electrodes, and a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. During treatment, the headphones will administer customized sounds to activate the auditory nerve in the brain. The tongue tip will administer safe and soothing electrical pulses to the tip of the tongue, prompting the brain to change its structure by developing new networks and pathways, adapting to tinnitus symptoms, and changing your awareness of them.

The unique settings for your Lenire devices will be prescribed by our Doctors of Audiology. You’ll self-administer your treatment at home under the guidance of our team. Over the course of 12 weeks, Lenire can achieve a noticeable improvement in tinnitus symptoms. In fact, clinical trials have demonstrated that 71% of patients see significant improvement in a six-week period from starting treatment with Lenire.

Lenire FAQs

Will insurance cover Lenire?

Lenire is not typically covered by insurance. Our Doctors of Audiology can help you explore ways to get treatment in line with your budget and cost preferences.

Is Neuromod available in the USA?

Neuromod Lenire is now available in the United States, as we're proud to be the only practice in the greater New York City area to offer this new technology.

Can Lenire make tinnitus worse?

Lenire is incredibly effective at reducing tinnitus symptoms. In fact, as many as 68% of our tinnitus patients have reported marked improvement by the time of their follow-up appointment.

Is Lenire painful?

Lenire is completely comfortable and does not cause any pain. While you may sense some electrical stimulation from the tongue tip applicator, it's very gentle and manageable.

How long does it take for Lenire to work?

Although Lenire has been shown to reduce tinnitus awareness and disturbance in about 6-12 weeks for many patients, each patient is unique and on their own timeline. Your Doctor of Audiology will help you understand your specific timeframe for treatment.

Does Lenire actually work?

Lenire has shown extremely promising results from clinical trials, with as much as 80% reduction in tinnitus symptoms among users. It's currently one of the most effective tinnitus treatment options available.

Can Lenire cure tinnitus?

There is currently no cure for tinnitus u2013 however, Lenire is showing to be one of the most promising ways to manage symptoms and achieve relief for tinnitus sufferers.

How does Lenire work?

Lenire works by training your brain to “forget” and adapt to tinnitus symptoms. It uses a process called bimodal neuromodulation and is currently one of the most promising treatment options available for tinnitus.

What Can I Expect at NYHD?

Your Lenire treatment will begin by meeting with our Doctors of Audiology to evaluate your tinnitus with a comprehensive assessment. This allows us to determine how tinnitus impacts your life as well as collect many other numbers that can help us prescribe Lenire. Once we determine that Lenire can help, you’ll be fitted with the device, and specific adjustments will be made to the audio and sensory parameters. This means treatment is tailored to help treat your specific tinnitus.

Once you have your device, you’ll use it at home daily for 60 minutes based on your treatment plan. You’ll follow up with your Doctor of Audiology within 6-12 weeks to talk about how it’s working and whether you have any concerns. You’ll proceed from this point based on your initial results.

When Will I See Results?

This can be difficult to judge – some patients see results within 6 weeks but for others, it can take 12 weeks or more. For this reason, we like to follow up and determine the course of the rest of your treatment plan. Some patients use Lenire beyond the initial 12 weeks, but others don’t need to. Our team can give you the best idea of what to expect during your consultation.

To view NYHD’s initial Lenire research findings, click this link to view the PDF from Dr. Kasper.

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Lenire is one of the most promising new therapies for tinnitus. If you’re struggling with ringing or buzzing that doesn’t seem to respond, our Doctors of Audiology can help. Please complete the form below to set up a professional tinnitus assessment and discuss your options with Lenire.