We realize there are many options out there to obtain care for hearing and balance problems. While you might receive wonderful care from another clinician, at times you might feel as though getting another opinion from an unbiased professional would make sense.

At NYHD we are independent clinicians with the singular mission to help patients. Through our NYHD | Second Opinion program, you have the ability to consult with one of our Doctors of Audiology regarding hearing loss and hearing aid technology. You will have a dedicated appointment to share your health history, symptoms, previous test results, and issues you might be experiencing with any hearing aid technology you are using. We will give you an unbiased opinion about your current status and any recommendations we can make to help optimize your personal situation.

Here are some common issues we can address during an NYHD Second Opinion appointment:

-You’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss but you’re not 100% sure you’ve been provided with a solution that is best for your needs.

-Another provider dispensed hearing aids to you, and you’d like to verify the devices have been fit appropriately.

-You purchased hearing aid technology, but you need a professional to fit you correctly.

-You purchased an over-the-counter hearing device, but you need a professional to assess if the device is appropriate for your hearing loss needs.

"My experience at NY Hearing Doctors was very good . I give it definitely a 5 star rating. The staff is very friendly and accommodating."

What to Expect During Your Second Opinion Appointment?

NYHD Second Opinion appointments are typically 45 minutes. We ask that you share all relevant information with our practice prior to your scheduled appointment so we can be as prepared as possible. Due to the nature of this appointment, it is not covered by any insurance plans. As a result, you will be responsible for the full cost at the time of the appointment. The cost of this appointment is $99. This is a one-time fee. Any subsequent appointments will be billed at our normal professional rate.

Contact us to schedule your NYHD | Second Opinion appointment.