The Diabetes Hearing Project

Patients with type 1 & type 2 diabetes are 2x as likely to have hearing loss than their non-diabetic peers.

– Annals of Internal Medicine, 2008

Even though it’s essential to social, emotional, and cognitive development, hearing is often a sense that’s overlooked medically. Early identification and treatment of hearing loss in children can lessen the negative impacts it will have on a child’s development, giving them the opportunity to live up to their full potential socially and academically.

We’re on a mission to ensure that all patients with diabetes have their hearing tested

While it is often overlooked, your patients’ hearing can be negatively impacted by their diabetes. Similar to other diabetes-related complications, elevated blood-glucose levels damage capillaries feeding the inner ear. This compromises inner ear structures and, ultimately, causes sensory-neural hearing loss. Referring your patients with diabetes for annual hearing examination is a wonderful compliment to the high quality of care you already provide those patients.

Join us as we help those with diabetes live healthier lives through better hearing

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