How Do I Select A Hearing Aid?

Finding the Right Hearing Aid

Millions of Americans struggle with some form of hearing loss. The good news is that there are a
number of hearing aid solutions. However, the vast selection of hearing aids could be overwhelming.
To help narrow it down, talking to a Doctor of Audiology and doing research is a great way to get
started. This article will explain how you can find the right hearing aid for you.

Know The Styles of Hearing Aids Available

There are a number of different types of hearing aids available. The two main styles of hearing aids
are “Behind the Ear”; and “In the Canal”. With the “In the Canal”; hearing aids, the device is custom
molded to your ear and placed in the canal. Because of the design, this type of hearing aid is less
visible to others.
With “Behind the Ear” hearing aids, most of the technology is housed in the portion that sits behind
your ear. These devices are easier to handle and are equipped with directional microphones which
allow for better clarity in a noisy environment.
Be sure to talk to your Audiologist to determine which style of device is appropriate for your needs
and your hearing loss.

Additional Hearing Aid Features

Some hearing aid models offer additional features that can help you enjoy a better hearing
experience. Some of these features include automatic noise reduction, directional microphones,
rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, environmental noise control, and synchronization of
two hearing aids.

Steps To Take When Getting Your Hearing Aid

You may be wondering what steps to take to find the best hearing aid. The first step is to have a
comprehensive audiological evaluation by a Doctor of Audiology. They will be able to determine the
type and degree of hearing loss and whether a hearing aid is appropriate for you. The next step is to
obtain medical clearance from a medical professional. This is a written statement, stating that you
may be fit for hearing aids. After obtaining medical clearance, a hearing aid evaluation can be
scheduled to discuss your day to day needs, the different styles of devices, and different levels of
technology. After determining which style and technology are appropriate for you, a hearing aid
dispense appointment can be scheduled. During this appointment, your Audiologist will go through
everything you need to know to take care of the devices and how to have a successful experience.

Get Started

To help you find the right hearing aid, contact NYHD Institute of Hearing & Balance. You can consult
any of our Audiologists to get the answers you need to help restore your hearing. Do not suffer
another day struggling to hear the world around you. Get your optimal hearing aid solution today.