At New York Hearing Doctors, you’ll find our approach to be collaborative, educational, and based on time-tested fundamentals – with an eye for new developments and technology. Reassessment stands as a pillar of what we do and is critical for ensuring our patients achieve their goals in the first days, weeks, months, and beyond.

We’ve developed a unique approach to hearing that covers every aspect of your hearing treatment plan – a hearing plan that doesn’t just include hearing aids. Our method was developed using the most advanced and scientifically sound understanding of the body’s hearing function, needs, and intersections with technology. Together, we’ll create a hearing treatment plan unlike any other.


Every patient we meet is unique. Because of this, we invest a significant amount of energy into comprehensive diagnostic assessment and understanding individual lifestyle needs and desired outcomes. We never aim to sell our patients on technology. We do seek to understand, educate, and work collaboratively with our patients and other members of their healthcare team.

To begin, we’ll take plenty of time to discuss your lifestyle and hearing needs. Our aim isn’t just to fit you with hearing aids – it’s to find the best therapies and the best fit for you and your needs. We aim to establish a great collaborative relationship so we can be an effective, knowledgeable partner in your hearing journey.


Once we have a foundation of information, we create a plan of action that’s tailored to achieve the goals we establish for each patient. This blueprint is based on individual data points and time-tested fundamentals. With your unique goals in mind, we’ll establish a timeframe and the appropriate therapies for you, all with the most experienced and personable hearing care you’ll find in New York.


Now, you can begin to enjoy your journey toward better hearing with the best technologies and therapies available. We strategically implement your tailored plan and begin to address any hearing-related issues. We’ll guide you every step of the way by fitting your hearing aids and ensuring you feel comfortable taking charge of your hearing again. At every step, we’ll conduct the most appropriate tests to ensure your plan is effective, rewarding, and customized to your needs.


The best plans are flexible and account for your changing needs. We believe in reassessing function and outcomes over time. Because of this, we constantly assess and adjust to ensure our patients are achieving their goals. During every follow-up, we’ll ensure your blueprint is working for you and always meets your needs. Our work never stops when it comes to ensuring you can enjoy your full hearing function with the technologies and therapies that fit you best.


Hearing aids remain the most effective way to treat hearing loss, and getting the most out of them requires the expertise of a knowledgeable Doctor of Audiology. Like any other device, hearing aids need ongoing maintenance and calibration to work at their best. Learn more about your hearing aid options and the comprehensive experience you can find here at NYHD.