NYHD | TinnitusCare and Mid Island Audiology are joining forces to provide top-tier tinnitus services in Garden City, New York. Recognized for its holistic approach to tinnitus management, NYHD TinnitusCare will initiate patient-centric services at Mid Island Audiology premises. The combined collaborative and interdisciplinary approach of NYHD, along with Mid Island Audiology diagnostic and hearing health proficiency, ensures the highest standard of care for tinnitus management.

With a combined experience exceeding 25 years, NYHD clinicians are frontrunners in the realm of tinnitus care, offering advanced treatments like the FDA-Approved Lenire system. This unique partnership between NYHD TinnitusCare and Mid Island Audiology will act as a dependable resource for other healthcare providers in the locality and is poised to positively influence individuals affected by tinnitus.

For more information, call (212)774-1971 and join us on this journey towards enhanced tinnitus care and improved quality of life.

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