Only Private Audiology Practice in NYC Offering Earlens®

We are proud to be a provider of Earlens, the world’s first and only hearing solution to directly vibrate the eardrum. Earlens delivers more complete sound than any acoustic hearing aid and a bandwidth that is associated with more natural sound quality and better hearing in noise.

In Earlens, a processor worn behind the ear sends an audio signal through the ear tip to a custom lens that rests directly on the eardrum. When the eardrum receives the signal, it gently vibrates the eardrum to activate the ear’s natural hearing system.


Hearing aids remain the most effective way to treat hearing loss, and getting the most out of them requires the expertise of a knowledgeable Doctor of Audiology. Like any other device, hearing aids need ongoing maintenance and calibration to work at their best. Learn more about your hearing aid options and the comprehensive experience you can find here at NYHD.

Most Complete Sound

Earlens can provide meaningful amplification from 125 Hz all the way to 10 kHz, while conventional hearing aids have trouble amplifying outside of 550 Hz to 5.5 kHz. Research has shown that those lower and higher frequencies impact sound quality and speech understanding, especially in noisy environments.

Premium Care

Earlens is the only non-surgical solution that combines the care of a Doctor of Audiology and an ENT physician. With Earlens, you will receive the highest level of hearing healthcare.

Advanced, Custom Technology

Each Earlens solution includes a custom ear tip and lens to optimize comfort and fit based on an ear impression taken by our affiliated otologist. After they are ready, the otologist will place the lens in your ear, and our audiologists will program Earlens to your unique hearing needs.

Why are high frequency sounds typically the first to go in hearing loss?

High-frequency hearing loss is a condition where people have difficulty hearing sounds between the 2,000 to 8,000 Hertz range. This means that certain high-frequency verbal sounds like ‘s’, ‘h’, or ‘f’, (the consonants) are more…

Hearing Aids FAQs

Can you sleep with a hearing aid in?

Its recommended to take hearing aids out while sleeping, opening the battery cover to preserve electrical charge.

Does wearing a hearing aid make your hearing worse?

When not wearing your hearing aids, it can feel like your hearing has become worse. However, this is because you've adjusted to the new “normal” level of hearing that your devices help you achieve.

How can I improve my hearing without a hearing aid?

Unless your hearing loss is caused by earwax buildup, the best way to improve your hearing is by preventing it from deteriorating in the first place. This means living a healthy, active lifestyle and protecting your hearing from loud sounds and exposures over time.

How do you hold your phone with a hearing aid?

You can hold the phone as you normally would with a hearing aid.

How do you reduce background noise in a hearing aid?

Wearing two hearing aids with binaural processing allows you to reduce background noise.

Are expensive hearing aids better?

The cost of a hearing aid is not an accurate indicator of its effectiveness. A thorough hearing assessment at NYHD can better help you decide which hearing aid will be best for your unique condition.

Do you need a prescription to get hearing aids?

Although hearing aids can be purchased without a prescription or hearing exam, having a hearing assessment by an audiologist can be a more focused way to determine what type of hearing aid will be effective for you.

Does AARP help with hearing aids?

Members of AARP may benefit from their Hearing Care Program, which offers discounts on hearing aids and hearing devices.

Does Medicare pay for a hearing aid?

No. Medicare does not cover costs for hearing aids or hearing aid fittings. We can discuss your financing options during your appointment with our Doctors of Audiology.

Does wearing hearing aids help with tinnitus?

Hearing aids are actually one treatment option for certain types of tinnitus because they can be optimized to cancel out the perception of ear ringing.

How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids last an average of three to seven years.

How many channels do I need in my hearing aid?

On average, patients need between 9 and 18 channels to restore their hearing.

Is it OK to use only one hearing aid?

If you have normal hearing in one ear and hearing loss in the other, there is no reason not to wear just one hearing aid.

Can I buy hearing aids over the counter?

Yes. Some hearing aids are available without a prescription, although other, more advanced technologies require a professional evaluation to purchase.

Do cheap hearing aids work?

This can depend heavily on the type. Your Doctor of Audiology is your best source of hearing aid information since you may need your hearing aids optimized for your specific degree of hearing loss, which cheap hearing aids may not be able to provide.

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NYHD is the only private audiology practice trained in the New York City area to offer Earlens. If you already wear hearing aids, or you are new to the world of hearing technologies, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our audiologist who can perform a quick and easy assessment of your hearing and recommend your next treatment options. To schedule a consultation, call our New York City office at 212-774-1971 or fill out our online form. Our helpful staff can help you find an appointment that works best for you.