The Institute for Hearing & Balance in New York offers its patients from Valley Stream comprehensive treatment for all hearing or balance issues. You can be assured of the best in diagnostic care and treatment with our team of highly trained audiologists. We understand that every patient is different and we strive to give you enough time and attention to understand your individual needs, lifestyle, and goals. Our team believes in educating patients throughout the treatment period. We start this by working in close collaboration with your other physicians since our collective goal is your overall wellbeing. We believe in combining our time-tested fundamentals with the latest technology to offer solutions for all your hearing and balance concerns. Our team offers a continued assessment of your condition so that your treatment can be adjusted and we can ensure you are achieving your goals on a weekly or monthly basis.

When we have diagnosed your concerns, it offers us the required foundation which allows us to personalize your treatment plan to effectively treat your hearing and balance concerns. Since we offer continuous reassessment and then an adjustment to your treatment, we are able to help you achieve your goals every time.

When you are diagnosed with hearing loss, it can be emotional trauma. When we determine that you will need hearing aids for your hearing loss, our patients might have many questions about the kind of hearing aids and whether they will require any changes to their lifestyle. Our team will help answer all your questions and help you feel comfortable about the idea of using hearing aids so that you can make confident decisions. Our audiologists understand that using hearing aids is a huge step for you, an addition to your lifestyle or may even involve having to learn new technology and that is why our team of experts ensures that you have everything that is required to help you hear clearly again.

What is a hearing aid?

Modern-day hearing aids are advanced and quite effective in transmitting sound. They offer you the latest in technology like background noise reduction, Bluetooth, or directional technology. Almost all kinds of hearing aids you find in the market today are based on digital technology. This means that the sounds which are picked up by the microphone will be converted from analog to digital sounds before they are processed, enhanced, and converted back and then delivered to your ear canal.

Which are the best hearing aids for me?

You don’t need to worry if hearing aids seem complicated to you, a wide range is available at the Institute for Hearing & Balance. We will help you choose one as per your preference for simplicity and ease. Most of our patients choose RIC or receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids. This option has the speaker placed within your ear canal and the hardware rests behind your ear, connected with a thin wire. This gives you the best option for concealment as well as accessibility.

There are many styles of hearing aids you can choose from and the easiest way to choose is to know which factors are the most important for you. Some patients prefer the ease of adjustment while another concealment is the main factor.

How to care for your hearing aids

Once you have chosen the best hearing aid technology for your use, it will be time for it’s fitting and adjustments. It is imperative that you learn how to care for your hearing aids so that they last longer and remain effective. Our team ensures that your hearing aids are programmed appropriately and you remain aware of the proper way to care for them.

There will be an initial adjustment period with your hearing aids and our team will stay with you at every step with a series of appointments. You will have a follow-up appointment with our doctor of audiology who will review your personal and real-world experiences with the new hearing aids. You may require adjustments to the hearing aids and we will conduct measurements of the functioning of your device in addition to speech tests to ensure your hearing aids are working as expected.

Patients from Valley Stream prefer our doctors of audiology since we spend enough time to make sure you get the highest standard of care. We offer guidance to find you the best hearing aid technology that fits your budget, individual needs, and lifestyle. You get the best of hearing aid technology and unsurpassed professional care at the Institute of Hearing & Balance.

About Valley Stream, NY

Valley Stream is a village in Nassau County of New York. The incorporated Village of Valley Stream is inside the southwest part of the town of Hempstead which is along the border of Queens. Money Magazine ranked the village as “the best place to live in New York” for 2017. The village has a long history, the area that is Valley Stream was purchased by the Dutch West India Company from the Rockaway Native Americans 14 years after the arrival of the Dutch colonists, in the year 1640. Robert Pagan who migrated in the late 1830s is credited with giving it the name Valley Stream based on the topographical appearance of the area. The village developed over the decades and Snapple Beverage Co., Ninety-Nines and National Amusements Movie theater chain were all started in Valley Stream. Potions of several films including Trees Lounge, The Brothers McMullen, Goodfellas and Desperate Endeavors were shot in Valley Stream; it is also the setting for a section of The Honeymoon Killers.