The Institute for Hearing & Balance in New York is comprised of a team of experienced Doctors of Audiology. We consider every patient to be a unique individual, and our team makes sure we spend enough time understanding your specific needs, lifestyle and goals. We offer you comprehensive diagnostic assessment and treatment and it is our aim to educate and work in collaboration with you and your physicians. Our doctors use a combination of new technology with time tested hearing fundamentals. We also use continuous reassessment through weeks and months that helps our team reach your goals.

Once we have created the diagnostic foundation, we offer you a customized treatment plan which will address your balance or hearing-related issues. With constant reassessment and adjustment throughout your journey with us, we ensure that you continue to achieve your goals.

One of the most common concerns our patients from Newark have is ringing in the ears or tinnitus. This can be a chronic problem that makes everyday social interactions difficult. Some patients have a constant ringing in their ears while others only face it occasionally or in one ear. Either way, when it drowns out your everyday sounds, it affects the quality of your life. Tinnitus affects our patients’ work, social life, sleep and consequently, overall health.

Understanding Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears or head which can differ in pitch or loudness. It can also come and go in different environments or at different times. There are many reasons for tinnitus, such as disorders of the inner ear, hearing loss, nervous system disorders, a head injury, cervical spine contributions or TMJ, or a concussion. Our Doctors of Audiology will assess your situation and help you get relief with a range of technologies, therapies and lifestyle changes; however, you must know that there is no cure for tinnitus.

Why Are Assessment & Treatment Important?

If you do not have significant tinnitus you may be able to live with your condition, but when it begins to affect your concentration, sleep and overall life, it is important to get an assessment. In the long term, it may lead to anxiety and depression, and emotional turmoil can aggravate your condition further. This becomes a vicious cycle when you do not get the required diagnosis and treatment.

If you are experiencing chronic ringing in your ears, it is advisable that you seek treatment, since it could also mean the presence of other health-related issues. Some lifestyle choices are also linked to it such as smoking, poor diet, use of caffeine and alcohol. Tinnitus has been associated with health issues such as diabetes, circulatory issues, thyroid and Meniere’s disease. When you consult us at the Institute of Hearing & Balance, we begin with assessing the underlying reason for your tinnitus.

How Can We Help You?

It is essential that you explain your symptoms in detail to us so that we can offer accurate assessment and treat your sinusitis. You must jot down some factors of your condition that will help us such as:

  • At what times do you experience tinnitus?
  • When is the ringing or buzzing sound the loudest?
  • For how long have you suffered from it?
  • Do you experience any changes in your tinnitus?
  • Does it affect one or both ears?

Any other factors that you think might help us reach a diagnosis would be helpful. Our team will also ask you several questions about your condition, yours and your family’s medical history as well. After this, it will be time to inspect your ears with some hearing tests. There are tinnitus specific tests as well that help us understand your symptoms further. All tests conducted at the Institute of Hearing & Balance are painless and will be conducted within the privacy and comfort of our office.

We strive to understand the psychological and emotional factors in your life that may contribute to your awareness level of tinnitus. Once we have realized the cause and severity of your tinnitus and understood your lifestyle, we will recommend the best treatment options for you. Our doctors utilize a combination of treatments, including sound therapy such as hearing aids and psychologists who will help you with managing the emotional triggers in your life. We will recommend changes to your lifestyle like taking or avoiding certain medicines. For most of our patients, the treatment of tinnitus takes some time, and our team stays with you, ensuring you are getting better with each step.

About Newark, NY

Newark is a village in Wayne County of New York. It is located 35 miles southeast of Rochester and is the most populated community in the county. The Jackson & Perkins Company, famous for its roses, was founded in 1872 by Albert Jackson and his son in law Charles H. Perkins. The Perkins mansion is listed on the historic register. The Jackson-Perkins residence is significant due to its association with the growth and development of the Jackson and Perkins Company which is one of the best known horticultural firms in the country. Another remarkable place to visit is the Hoffman Clock Museum that features the collection of August Hoffman and is located within the Newark Public Library. Today’s Newark is also the industrial and retail center of the county.