If you are experiencing issues with your hearing or balance, you can get the best in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment at the Institute for Hearing & Balance in New York. We understand that every patient is different, and our team of experts spend significant time with each patient to understand their specific needs, lifestyle, and goals. Our team strives to educate our patients and work in perfect tandem with your physicians and other doctors to ensure your overall well-being. Our use of time-tested fundamentals of balance helps us to achieve this. So does our endeavor to offer our patients the best and latest in technology. Additionally, we believe in reassessing your condition on a weekly or monthly basis and adjusting your treatment when required so that you continue to achieve your goals.

Prompt and accurate diagnosis of your condition helps us customize treatment plans for your hearing or balance concerns. Throughout your journey with us, we continue to follow the diagnosis, assessment, and adjustment routine so that our patients from Manhattan and surrounding areas get optimum care and keep achieving their goals.

Those who consult us walk in with different symptoms and one of them is the feeling of spinning or vertigo. There are many causes of vertigo and it interferes with your everyday life. When you talk to one of our doctors of audiology, we will determine the cause of your condition and recommend the best treatment for you. Balance is essential for an independent life without injury.

What is BPPV?

BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is a condition that affects your balance due to the abnormal functioning of the inner ear. There are tiny calcium crystals in your inner ear that press against the nerve receptors whenever you change positions or move your head. This stimulus is, in turn, sent to the brain for processing and helps you keep your balance and understand your position relative to your surroundings. In BPPV patients, these crystals have dislodged and migrated to different parts of the ear. When you move in a certain position, these crystals then shift causing abnormal movement of fluid in the inner canal and makes you feel like you are spinning.

Why is it important to get treatment for BPPV?

If left untreated, BPPV is extremely difficult to live with since it affects your ability to do basic everyday tasks like moving or getting out of bed. It is important that a doctor of audiology sees you in case you experience spinning since the condition can also be caused by migraines or an injury to the head. At times, your condition might go away for a while, but it can recur, and you must be ready with the right tools to deal with it. When you control your condition, it helps prevent injuries and falls because of the feeling of spinning.

How will the Institute for Hearing & Balance help?

Our audiologists will conduct some tests that are quick, and these help us determine which part of your ear causes the spinning sensation. One such test is the Dix – Hallpike maneuver where you sit on the examination table and stretch out your legs. A doctor of audiology will now trigger your BPPV by helping you turn your head by 45 degrees and quickly lying down. Once the condition is triggered, your eyes make some specific movements that can be studied to determine the part of your inner ear that is affected. This helps our team to target the treatment specifically and help alleviate your condition.

The treatment can either be a clinically accepted maneuver or we may refer you to a therapist for treatments like the vestibular rehabilitation which has been effective in the case of BPPV patients.

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