The Institute for Hearing & Balance in New York offers comprehensive treatment for your hearing or balance concerns. Patients from Queens can get the best in diagnostic care and treatment with our team of audiologists. We know that every patient is different, and we strive to give you sufficient time and attention so that we can understand your specific needs, lifestyle, and goals. Our team believes in educating our patients throughout their treatment and we work in close collaboration with your other physicians since our goal is your overall wellbeing. You can benefit from a combination of time-tested fundamentals and the latest technology for hearing and balance issues. We also believe in the continued assessment of your condition so that we can adjust your treatment and ensure you are achieving your goals on a weekly or monthly basis.

With this diagnosis of your issues, we have the required foundation on which we can build your customized treatment plan so that all your concerns can be effectively treated. Since we offer continuous reassessment and then an adjustment to your treatment, we are able to help you achieve your goals every time.

When you are diagnosed with hearing loss, it can be an emotional experience. If your tests indicate that you will benefit from hearing aids, you might have several questions about the kind of hearing aids you will need and if it will require lifestyle changes. Our doctors of audiology help make you feel comfortable about the idea so that you can make an informed decision. We understand it is a huge step for you, an addition to your lifestyle or having to learn new technology and that is why our team of experts ensures that you have everything that is required to help you hear clearly once again.

What are hearing aids?

Modern-day hearing aids are advanced and transmit sound very effectively. They also come with the latest in technology like background noise reduction, Bluetooth or directional technology. Almost all hearing aids available in the market today are based on digital technology, which means the sounds which are picked up by the microphone are converted from analog to digital sounds then processed, enhanced and converted back before they are delivered to your ear canal.

Which hearing aids would be best for you?

Even though hearing aids may seem complicated, you can get a wide range at the Institute for Hearing & Balance which can be chosen as per your preference for simplicity and ease. Most patients opt for RIC or receiver in the canal hearing aids. With this option, the speaker is within your ear canal and is connected to the hardware which rests behind your ear with a thin wire. These offer the best combination of accessibility and concealment.

There are several kinds of styles you can choose from and it will help if you are aware of the factors which are most important for you. Some patients wish for hearing aids that can be concealed well while others prefer those that are easy to adjust.

Caring for your hearing aids

Once you have made your choice regarding the best hearing aid technology, it is time for the process of fitting and adjusting your hearing aids. It is important that you learn how to care for your hearing aids to ensure they remain effective and last long. Our team will also ensure that your hearing aids are appropriately programmed and that you are aware of their proper care process.

There will be an initial adjustment period with your hearing aids, and we will stay with you at every step through a series of appointments. You will have a follow up with our doctor of audiology to review your personal and real-world experiences with the new hearing aids. There will be adjustments and measurements of the function of your device as well as speech tests to make sure your hearing aids are working as expected.

Our team of experts is the preferred doctor of audiology for patients from Queens since they spend a considerable amount of time with you to ensure you get the highest standard of care. We will guide you regarding the best hearing aid technology to fit your budget, specific requirements and lifestyle. You get the best of hearing aid technology and unparalleled professional care at the Institute of Hearing & Balance.

About Queens, NY

Queens is the easternmost of the five boroughs of New York City. It is the largest borough geographically and is adjacent to the borough of Brooklyn at the southwestern end of Long Island. Queens also shares water borders with the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx. Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. It was probably named for the English queen Catherine of Braganza (1638 – 1705). Queens is home to John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, both of which are among the world’s busiest airports. Some of the landmarks in Queens include Flushing Meadows-Corona Park; Citi Field which is home to the New York Mets baseball team; Kaufman Astoria Studios; and Aqueduct Racetrack. The Queens Night Market in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park attracts over 10,000 people every night to sample food from more than 85 countries. It has been the center of a major artistic movement in the form of punk rock with The Ramones. It has fostered African – American culture, with establishments like The Afrikan Poetry Theater and the Black Spectrum Theater Company which caters specifically to African Americans in Queens.