We are a team of experienced doctors of Audiology at the Institute for Hearing & Balance in New York. Patient care is our top priority and takes the time to get to know each of our patients individually. This way we can accurately make a diagnosis and devise a treatment plan. Our aim is to educate and work in collaboration with our patients and their physicians. Our doctors balance time-tested hearing fundamentals with new technology. Reassessment through weeks and months of your treatment helps us to get you to reach your goals.

Once we have our diagnostic foundation, we offer you a tailormade treatment plan that addresses your balance or hearing-related issues. With constant reassessment and adjustment throughout your journey with us, we ensure that our patients are achieving their goals.

One of the most common concerns our patients in New York walk-in with is ringing in the ears or tinnitus. This can be a chronic problem that makes everyday social interactions difficult. While for some people, this ringing can be constant, others have it occasionally or just in one ear. It affects the quality of your life when it seems to drown out everyday sounds for you. Not only can tinnitus affect your social life and work, but it also affects sleep and subsequently, your overall health.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a buzzing or ringing sound in your ears or head, and it can have a range of pitch or loudness. The ringing can also come and go in different environments or at various times. There are several causes for it including hearing loss, inner ear disorders, nervous system disorders, cervical spine contributions, TMJ, and a head injury or concussion. Our Doctors of Audiology will assess your situation and will help you get relief with a range of technologies, therapies, and lifestyle changes even though there is no cure for tinnitus.

Why do you need assessment and treatment for tinnitus?

When you do not suffer from significant tinnitus, you may be able to live with it but those who find that it affects their concentration, sleep, and life, assessment becomes essential. In the long term, you may suffer from anxiety and depression due to your tinnitus and the emotional turmoil can aggravate the condition trapping you in a vicious cycle in the absence of diagnosis and treatment.

When you experience chronic ringing in your ears, you must seek treatment since it could be a symptom of other health-related issues. It is also linked to several lifestyle choices like smoking, caffeine, use of alcohol, and poor diet. Tinnitus is associated with health concerns like diabetes, thyroid, circulatory concerns, and Meniere’s disease too. When you consult our team at the Institute of Hearing & Balance, we assess the underlying reason for your tinnitus.

How can we help you?

When you explain your symptoms in detail to us, it helps with accurate assessment and treatment of your tinnitus. We suggest that you jot down certain factors of your condition like when you experience tinnitus, when it is the loudest, for how long have you been suffering from it, if you experience any changes in it, and any other factors you think can be helpful. Our team of doctors will ask you questions about your tinnitus, your medical history, as well as your family’s medical history. Once we have spoken to you, our doctors inspect your ears and conduct certain hearing tests. There are some tests specific to tinnitus as well which help us to understand your symptoms better. All these tests are painless and are conducted in our comfortable private office.

We also seek to understand the psychological and emotional factors in your life which could be a contributor to the level of awareness of your tinnitus. Depending on your lifestyle, causes of tinnitus and its severity, we then recommend the best options for your treatment. We use a combination of treatments for our patients that include sound therapy like hearing aids and psychologists who help you manage emotional triggers. Lifestyle changes are also recommended like avoiding or taking certain medicines. In many cases, tinnitus treatment can take a long time and our Doctors of Audiology stay with you through every step ensuring the quality of your life is enhanced.

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