The Importance of Vestibular Rehabilitation at NYHD

NYHD (New York Hearing Doctors) | Institute for Hearing & Balance comprises empathetic and experienced Doctors of Audiology. The audiologists at NYHD deal with everything from performing comprehensive diagnostics to assisting their patients to choose and use the best
hearing aid technology available today.

NYHD is committed to changing how balance and hearing care is delivered to their patients. They are here to empower individuals with hearing and balance issues and to improve their quality of life.

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

According to NYHD, vestibular rehabilitation refers to an exercise-based regime designed by a physical therapist specializing in vestibular physical therapy. The exercise regimes are intended to assist you to get rid of dizziness related issues and at the same time get to improve your body balance. NYHD works in collaboration with vestibular physical therapists to help people get back to normal daily living.

Who Is Vestibular Rehabilitation Intended for?

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of therapy that is traditionally intended for patients diagnosed with inner ear balance disorders, neck-related dizziness, migraine-related vertigo/imbalance, and BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). Additional candidates who could benefit from this therapy are those that frequently experience falls, have suffered a brain injury, or have ever experienced a stroke. As the therapy proceeds, the exercises will help you to get rid of symptoms such as:

  • Spinning/vertigo
  • Blurry vision or dizziness when you move your head
  • Foggy head feelings
  • Neck pain and/or stiffness
  • Frequent falls

Why is Vestibular Rehabilitation Important?

As mentioned earlier, vestibular rehabilitation is designed to reduce or eliminate imbalance, vestibular migraines, and dizziness. The physical therapist working with you will come up with an individualized approach to help with brain adaption and to also promote compensation. Exercises recommended by the physical therapist/s are intended to address your unique set of problems. Depending on the findings of the diagnostic examination, the NYHD doctors can recommend the best treatment plan for you.

What Type of Assessments/Procedures Are Done at NYHD?

NYHD provides a broad range of assessments and procedures which include but are not limited
to the following:

  1. Adult Hearing Assessment: Refers to a series of tests carried out by an NYHD audiologist to assist in establishing whether a person is experiencing hearing loss.
  2. Pediatric Hearing Assessment: An NYHD audiologist conducts a variety of tests on your child to establish whether your child is experiencing any degree of hearing loss.
  3. Hearing Aid Fitting & Care: NYHD audiologists can assist you to select the most appropriate hearing aid for you.
  4. Tinnitus Consultations/Assessment & Treatment: Tinnitus refers to a common symptom where a person notice sounds in their head and ears, without the presence of an external sound. NYHD audiologists assist individuals experiencing tinnitus by determining the potential causes as well as factors that might exacerbate a person’s tinnitus.