The Effect Vitamin D Levels Have on BBPV

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is a very common vestibular disorder that affects many people across the world. It is a form of vertigo that manifests as short, but severe spells of dizziness or the feeling of centrifugation whenever patients move their head position.  BBPV can be an agonizing and disorderly condition, but luckily our clinicians at NYHD | Institute For Hearing & Balance already have good therapies that provide effective remedies to patients in need.

What Does BBPV Treatment Include?

At NYHD | Institute For Hearing & Balance, we have a team of experts well experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of different forms of vertigo such as BPPV. We intend to restore balance to patients’ bodies and improve their symptoms. Treatment for BPPV in our clinic includes a series of head movements, known as the Epley maneuver which displace small amounts of calcium crystals that are causing symptoms within the inner part of one’s ear.

Evidence of BBPV Treatment?

Recent research proved that low levels of vitamin D may contribute to aggravation of BPPV symptoms. As such, low levels could cause disruptions of inner ear crystals resulting in what we know as BPPV. Researchers reported a profound relationship between BPPV cases and low vitamin D levels– the study implies that sufficient amounts of vitamin D can help to prevent aBPPV.

How BBPV Treatment Works

If you feel the symptoms of BPPV and your balance gets disturbed, then it is crucial to have a proper diagnostic assessment with a trained vestibular clinician. This is the only way to understand which ear and which part of the inner ear is impacted. Ultimately, this enables the clinician to administer tailored treatment. At NYHD | Institute For Hearing & Balance we never suggest self-administering BPPV treatment as this can oftentimes make symptoms worse. If BPPV symptoms reoccur, especially during the winter months, vitamin D levels may be suspect and should be assessed by your physician. If they are low, your doctor can offer you supplements which help to improve your levels. Nevertheless, it is essential to mention that vitamin D supplements should be administered only under medical supervision since an overdose may cause side effects.

Where to Seek Treatment

If you have been struggling with BPPV, do not let the dizziness and vertigo enslave your life. Get assistance from our professional team of NYHD | Institute For Hearing & Balance. We provide all-around tests and customized treatment to get you back fast on the go without being in spin Book your consultation today and make a step towards a healthier state of life.