“My doctor at New York Hearing Doctors is one of a kind.”

“My doctor at New York Hearing Doctors is one of a kind. She has been treating my husband’s 93-year-old grandfather, FK, as his hearing has diminished. Living alone as an older adult in Manhattan can be lonely at times, but a hearing deficit is all the more isolating. She has given him the ability to participate in life and the activities he enjoys. FK lost his wife of 60+ years and lives far from his relatives. Because face-to-face visits are few and far between, our family heavily relies on phone communication. She has granted him the ability to stay in close contact with loved ones. She has always been readily available for service and adjustments. She has gone above and beyond her job description to ensure the best care for him. She has reached out to me several times and answered my many questions with quick responses. Most appreciated is that she always keeps his best interest in mind. FK recently moved from his home where he resided for 39 years to an independent-living facility in the Bronx. She has kept on top of his progress and was able to recommend several places close to his new home to continue his audiology care. It is a testament to her that FK has chosen to remain in her care and make the big trek to the city alone on several occasions. My family deeply appreciates the kindness, compassion, respect, professionalism, and quality care she has provided FK and us.”


“NYHD changed the quality of my life!”

“NYHD changed the quality of my life! I have an acoustic neuroma which caused me to lose some hearing and have other hearing issues (ranges of sound). I thought nothing could help. But, so much progress has been made with hearing aid technology it’s unbelievable! Dr. Kasper and everyone at NYHD are so nice, professional and helpful. After going there, I discovered I was a candidate for a hearing aid. It’s tiny, it’s unnoticeable and it works GREAT! I am no longer pestering my family and friends by constantly asking “what did you say?”. I am enjoying concerts, plays and restaurants again and not missing a word. Thank you NYHD!”


“I am more than pleased with your services.”

“Many thanks for the wonderful fitting of the hearing aid and for your patience in dealing with a senior technophobe. I am delighted to have this additional feature [listening to the radio wirelessly through the hearing aids], especially when I ride my bike. I am more than pleased with your services.”


“It has been a real pleasure to be treated by NYHD.”

“It has been a real pleasure to be treated by NYHD. Her expertise in helping me to understand and feel comfortable with my hearing aids greatly put me at ease. She is patient and intuitive and takes the initiative to troubleshoot and make adjustments to my aids as needed. She has provided me with wonderful service.”


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