ReSound Hearing Aids

Founded in 1943, ReSound is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids. Committed to helping people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active, and fulfilling lives, ReSound has produced some exciting hearing technology through the decades. ReSound is responsible for several important industry firsts: an open-standard digital chip, Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) sound processing, and Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS). ReSound provides wearers of their hearing aids with natural, clear sound and a comfortable listening experience. ReSound conducts research worldwide to create technology that is applicable to real life situations. Now with offices in 25 countries and distributors in more than 80 countries, ReSound continues their mission to provide people worldwide with sophisticated hearing technology.

Introducing the LiNX 3D

resound hearing aids new yorkWe expect nothing less than incredible sound and smart hearing from ReSound, one of the first manufacturers of Made for iPhone hearing aids. LiNX 3D elevates the listening experience built upon previous iterations, providing wearers access to a comprehensive network of technology and clarity.

At first glance, LiNX 3D provides wearers with incredible speech recognition and situational awareness, especially in different types of noisy environments. LiNX 3D is up to 50% better at identifying speech in various environments, allowing wearers to hear up to 80% more of the sounds around them. Even with access to a greater scope of sound in any given environment, LiNX 3D is designed to provide superior understanding. Compared to other premium hearing aids, LiNX 3D enables wearers to understand up to 40% more speech in noise, regardless of the direction from which it comes.

Here are some of the excellent new and improved features in ReSound’s LiNX 3D.

Superior Surround Sound

While most hearing aids are designed to help, wearers focus on a specific sound source, LiNX 3D ensures a more natural listening experience. With Surround Sound, LiNX 3D delivers clear, rich, vibrant sound with exceptional speech understanding, while at the same time supporting the brain’s natural ability to recognize and localize sounds. LiNX 3D hearing aids work together, automatically exchanging data and balancing sounds from your environment to provide you superior surround sound.

Speech in Noise

ReSound’s Binaural Directionality III technology ensures that you are experiencing optimum sound from all directions. This includes improved speech in noise, picking up speakers’ voices against extraneous background noise. Speech recognition is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to hearing loss. Rather than focusing a narrow cone for speech, LiNX 3D is designed to help wearers simultaneously hone in on their conversations while also situating themselves in their surroundings.

Invisible Design & Personalized Fit

resound hearing aids new yorkAt 0.82 inches tall, the LiNX 3D receiver-in-the-ear model is virtually invisible – and one of the most popular choices due its sleek size and discreet style. The LiNX 3D is also available in a range of other styles and colors, from completely-in-canal to in-the-ear to behind-the-ear. Customized fits are also available. No matter what style you choose for your hearing needs, LiNX 3D is guaranteed to fit you perfectly, thanks to a new fitting software from ReSound. With Smart Fit, you and your audiologist here at New York Hearing Doctors will fine-tune your listening experience. Used in conjunction with ReSound Assist, a smartphone app, you’ll be empowered to further personalize your listening experience after you’ve left our offices. LiNX 3D’s compatible iPhone app allows you to create and save your favorite listening settings, archive your preferences based on location, and even find lost hearing aids.

Remote Fine-Tuning & Connectivity

resound hearing aids new yorkRemote Fine-Tuning is a new option with the LiNX 3D, allowing you to request and receive assistance for your hearing aids strictly through the Assist app. If you experience difficulties hearing, you can send a request for assistance or updates. The Assist app also provides built-in guidance for using your hearing aids.

As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, LiNX 3D provides incredible connectivity to the cloud, which means we can assist you with your listening experience no matter where you are. For people with active lifestyles, on the move, LiNX 3D allows you to connect with us here at New York Hearing Doctors wherever you are. Access to immediate care ensures that any challenges or difficulties you have with your listening experience will be solved immediately.

Like previous generations of LiNX hearing aids, 3D provides wireless streaming from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and other Apple products, giving you crystal clear access to phone calls, FaceTime, music, movies, and other media, without an intermediary device. For Android users, LiNX 3D is compatible through the ReSound Phone Clip + accessory, using Bluetooth. If you find yourself in need of an extra boost, LiNX 3D is compatible with ReSound accessories such as the TV Streamer 2 and Micro and Multi Mics to greater access to sound.

ReSound has received a number of awards for the LiNX Made for iPhone hearing aid, including the 2016 Gold German Design Award and the Best of CES 2016.

LiNX² – Made for iPhone

The LiNX² is a Made for iPhone hearing aid, the second generation of ReSound’s LiNX series. Building upon its predecessor’s success, LiNX² boasts an updated processing platform and improved new features. These features include exceptional sound quality, speech understanding, and spatial awareness.

As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, LiNX² has the capability to connect wirelessly to smartphones. This allows wearers of the LiNX² to stream phone conversations, FaceTime, music, and other media directly from the iPhone to the LiNX² hearing aids. Another exciting feature utilizes the iPhone’s GPS.

As wearers adjust their preferences in different locations, these choices are geo-tagged and archived. When wearers return to archived locations, LINX² automatically adjusts to wearer preferences.

resound hearing aids new york

LiNX² assists wearers in locating the source of sound with Surround Sound, which provides 360-degree spectrum of sound. New Binaural Directionality II is a feature that simulates a natural binaural listening experience, while Spatial Sense supports the brain’s natural ability to process and locate sounds. SureFit, a new ergonomic design, may be customized to wearers’ ears for exceptional comfort. For people who suffer from tinnitus, the LiNX² includes a sound therapy feature with Nature Sounds to provide relief. The LiNX² treats hearing loss in degrees from mild to profound, and it is available in a number of styles: invisible-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear.


resound hearing aids new york The ENZO² is ReSound’s super power hearing aid, designed to meet the hearing needs of people who experience severe to profound hearing loss. ENZO² enhances speech recognition and spatial awareness for those with higher degrees of hearing loss. New Binaural Directionality II, Spatial Sense, and Surround Sound provide enhanced quality of sound and a comfortable listening experience. Additional features available with the ENZO² include: speech focus to help with speech recognition, comfort in noise, comfort in wind, and feedback cancellation.

ENZO² wearers are able to connect wirelessly to their smartphones with the ReSound Smart App. For ENZO² wearers who need an extra boost, the Live Listen function on the Smart App allows people to turn their smartphones into a portable assistive listening device. The iPhone microphone picks up and amplifies sounds that ENZO² wearers wish to hear, and delivers it directly to the hearing aids.

The ENZO2 is a behind-the-ear hearing aid, available in three power levels: Power, High Power, and Super Power, depending on the wearer’s needs.

Other Styles & Features

ReSound Up Smart hearing aid is ReSound’s line of pediatric hearing aids. Up Smart hearing aids adapt to the way children connect with the world and take in new information, which is crucial to their speech and language development. The ReSound Up Smart hearing aid is worn behind-the-ear leaving room as children grow, and is designed to be durable and tamperproof.

resound hearing aids new york ReSound also offers assistive listening accessories, such as the TV Streamer to connect home entertainment systems to the hearing aids, as well as a personal mini microphone that directly streams voices and sounds.