Hearing Aid Accessories

Enhance Your Listening Experience with These Better Hearing Accessories

Although your hearing aids are ready to operate right out of the box after they’ve been properly fit by your hearing care provider, there are a number of assistive technology devices that you can use in conjunction with your hearing aids. Because many of these assistive technology devices operate using Bluetooth® technology, you’ll get the most out of these when you have Bluetooth hearing aids.

assistive listening devices

Assistive Listening Devices

Individuals with a hearing loss sometimes have more difficulty hearing basic technology that is a part of regular daily life, like telephones ringing or alarm clocks buzzing.

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caption-call new york city


CaptionCall is a free assistive technology service that helps with landline phone conversations by clearly displaying the spoken words of the individual you’re talking to — instantly.

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hearing aid cleaning kit new york city

Cleaning and Care

Like all technology, your hearing aids require care and maintenance. Keeping your devices clean can help prevent wear and tear, extend the life of your technology, and keep you hearing clearly.

earbuds monitors for musicians nyc

Music Products

Musicians who perform regularly need equipment that protects hearing from the rigors of the stage, including loud sounds.

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Hearing Protection

Anyone who uses power tools or guns on a regular basis is putting their hearing at risk through two very different avenues.

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made for iphone hearing aids apps

Mobile Apps

Control the functions of your devices through your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch®, or Android.

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surflink hearing aid devices


The choice of devices allows the user to decide which wireless capability they would like based on their lifestyle and activity level.

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Widex Dex®

Widex offers a family of hearing aid accessories to provide a seamless experience, connecting your hearing aids to the devices you use most.

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