Comparing Completely-In Canal and Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

People who have been diagnosed by a Doctor of Audiology with a hearing problem will sooner or later, be fitted for a hearing aid. But, as hearing aids and professional services will vary significantly in…


A Guide to Hearing Aid Types

If your audiologist has recommended hearing aids to supplement your hearing loss, it can seem overwhelming to pick out the right type for you and your lifestyle. Although your audiologist can guide you to the…


What Does Vertigo Feel Like?

What is vertigo? Vertigo is the feeling of spinning dizziness. Vertigo may occur when there is an issue with the brain, inner ear, or sensory nerve pathway. It is often a symptom related to many…


Why are high frequency sounds typically the first to go in hearing loss?

High-frequency hearing loss is a condition where people have difficulty hearing sounds between the 2,000 to 8,000 Hertz range. This means that certain high-frequency verbal sounds like ‘s’, ‘h’, or ‘f’, (the consonants) are more…


“New York Hearing Doctors is an extremely professional group with very fine expertise for people who want the best hearing possible—for business and personal reasons including meetings and conferences and opera and concert performances and recorded music.”
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